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Despot, Rapper, Brooklyn, NY

Luckily, my path to becoming a beefcake began at home with a television and a bunch of dumbbells, so this crisis has prompted a return to form. Despite now being a hulking mass of man and needing very heavy weights in order to feel alive, a little ingenuity and improvisation have taken me a long way with my meager dumbbells and medicine balls. I have a friend who is otherwise isolated and comes over once a day to pump in my luxurious private gym. The workouts take considerably longer than they did in a gym due to the puniness of the weights, but I don’t have that much else to do so it’s almost a plus. I try to layout on the roof hammock for a few hours a day and read to remember what it feels like outdoors. It has also been very helpful to remind myself that I died a long time ago and you are all actors playing an elaborate and completely see-through trick on me.


Josh Peskowitz – Fashion & Buying Director, Moda Operandi Mens, New York, NY

I’m doing a routine in the afternoon:

Walkout Push-Ups (4)
Mountain Climbers (10) x 4
Squats (20)
Hip Raises (20)
Four Sets

And then a yoga or pilates video, or vice versa. It’s not perfect but it’s something!


Abigail Stern – Founder, Matek Clothing, Los Angeles, CA

To stay active during this weird time, first of all, when I get dressed in the morning I put on some kind of workout outfit to remind me that I need to keep it moving. Take breaks from the computer and walk around my house, go outside, do a quick ten jumping jacks, I’ve been trying to keep track of doing 100 crunches throughout the day. Some days I will do an actual guided workout online with Fade2Fit by Teyana Taylor (I have had a subscription to her a while now) or join a live one on instagram. The coolest online live Instagram thing to come of this I think is the live DJ sets–last night I plugged my phone in the charger, put the volume all the way up and tuned into a live set by Diplo and just jumped and danced around my living room. It was a great time. It’s interesting I actually prefer this way it’s been shaking out, splitting up a workout into a couple of mini ones throughout the day.


Kirsy Lovett, Co-Founder, Guest Pass, New York, NY

Being so used to group workout classes, staying active during this time has been tricky! Luckily, the studio I frequent (Session.NYC) has a set schedule of classes to look forward to on Zoom. Having a set workout schedule definitely makes it easy for me to look forward to working out and gives me time to be prepared for class instead of catching pop-up workout classes on IG Live.


Ariel Stark-Benz – Founder, Mister Green, Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been doing 3 mile runs daily with my partner and our doggie. No climbing because of the weather and no climbing at the gym obviously. Gotta stay active!


German Nieves, Founder, Paterson, Brooklyn, NY

Pretty hard to keep active. I have been basically staying in working on graphics for the Spring ’21 season for Paterson and reading a book by Ryan Holiday. I went and played some tennis against a handball wall the other day, I have pushed around on my skateboard but tried to keep it in the streets away from people, and push-ups cause I been eating a lot.


Michelle Scanga – Editor, POOSH, Los Angeles, CA

To be honest, I’m just trying to stay calm and take daily walks around the neighborhood. Next week I’m going to try and take advantage of the free live streaming workouts on IG.


Nicole Sweet, Photographer & Pilates Instructor, Dakar, Senegal

I’m living in Dakar, Senegal, close to the ocean, so I make sure I go for a walk every day to get some sun and salty air. I’m teaching online pilates, which keeps me moving and mentally healthy by connecting with my NYC students online. And I add movements in all day. When I’m waiting for my eggs to cook, I’ll do some squats or pushups while I wait to flip them. Just any moment I find myself still and waiting, 10 reps of an exercise.


Leah Goren and Adil Dara – Owners, The Courts at Anza-Borrego, Borrego Springs, CA

Funny enough, we haven’t been playing much tennis. Most of our physical activity has come from lots of “housework” around here. Clearing out sheds, landscaping, and some renovation work. Leah has been taking some Sky Ting live yoga classes while I’ve been going on solitary hikes.


Mike Giles – Co-Founder, Ciele Athletics, Montreal, Quebec

So staying active……

More like staying sane 😉 I’ve always struggled with the self-discipline required to adopt a standard fitness routine, coming from a board sports background I used to be able to spend hours pushing around a plank of wood, but find it unbelievably challenging to set aside the motivation to Run. Given the current climate (read lockdown) you’d think I’d be in a better place to give it a shot, after all, I have a girlfriend who’s used to working out a minimum of 4-5 times a week and 2 very active kids… and a small but versatile home gym (read Nordictrack) but no… still nothing, I go for a lot of walks with my dog Juan, perhaps that counts? One of the silver linings (if it could be called that) is that working just a 10-minute walk from my house allows me to get back in the trenches, and with everyone on our team now either let go or working remotely I am back walking the aisles of our small but efficient warehouse, rolling up my sleeves and shipping orders like I did when we just started this crazy ride we call Ciele. I guess we just do what we need to do in these times. I do however look forward to the time in which I can actually “choose” not to participate in our Thursday night run club and not “have” to due to social distancing… perhaps at the point in which I actually can choose again, I might surprise myself and get back to some sort of physical fitness routine. I can’t help but be inspired daily by those that do. Catch you on the other side.

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