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Summer Gear Guide

The heat is on and WeedSport season is in full swing. Here are a few of our favorite pieces of gear to keep you on top of your game all Summer long.

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Line Drive

Created in 2008, Line Drive is a portfolio of lithographs published by Hamilton Press featuring artists Terry Allen, John Baldessari, Greg Colson, Robbie Conal, Gajin Fujita, Victor Gastelum, Joe Goode, Kitaj, Mark Licari, Paul McCarthy, Michael C. McMillen, and Raymond Pettibon. The cover by Ed Ruscha (above) is particularly great.

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Court Classics

With footwork being of the utmost importance in a player’s game, here are 6 riffs on classic tennis shoes that will transition you effortlessly from the court to the club.

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Victory Lap

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Introducing TOTAL BODY

We’re excited to welcome a brand new product to our line-up. Developed in collaboration with Urban Outfitters, WeedSport TOTAL BODY is an all-purpose CBD Body Stick made to be used at any time of the day, anywhere on your body. (think: skin hydration and barrier protection, after-sun, anti-chafe, and so much more!) Featuring a rich infusion of Calendula, Jojoba Oil, and rejuvenating Sea Buckthorn Oil, TOTAL BODY is formulated to give your skin the nourishment and attention it needs. The 1oz stick is golden in color with scented notes of sandalwood, eucalyptus, and patchouli. TOTAL BODY is finished with 200mg of hemp-derived cannabinoids in packaging made of 100% paperboard. Retailing for $24, it’s a valuable product that will keep you fresh and golden.

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Meditation in Motion

Directed by Irene Angelico – 1978

From the streets of China to the forests of North America, this short film documents the practice of Tai-Chi and accentuates meditation through movement.


Maverick: More than a Game

If you ever stumble across this book in a bookstore, buy it. Phil Jackson’s rare Maverick: More Than a Game chronicles the early playing career of the “Zen Master” and NBA Hall of Fame coach. Beyond just basketball, Phil Jackson describes his quest to find spirituality and balance while playing with the New York Knicks, and candidly speaks of his exploration into cannabis and LSD. One of the few active vegetarians in pro sports at the time, Phil Jackson approach to life and the game is only now becoming commonplace. A Maverick, indeed.


Spring Gear Guide

Spring is here, and with fresh air activities on the horizon, we’ve gathered some of our favorite items for spending time in the great outdoors.

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