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** ALL ORDERS PLACED BETWEEN 5/11/21 and 5/19/21 will ship 5/20/21 **

Spring Gear Guide

Spring is here, and with fresh air activities on the horizon, we’ve gathered some of our favorite items for spending time in the great outdoors.

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Victory Lap

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Introducing DUNK ZERO

This is not forest bathing, but it might as well be. For DUNK ZERO, we have collaborated with Outdoor apparel brand MATEK, and reimagined our DUNK muscle soak as a product that, along with its packaging, can disappear. With a scent inspired by Coastal California forests, fresh notes of evergreens and eucalyptus are infused into a custom blend of hand-harvested Sel Gris Salt, mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt, and magnesium-rich Epsom Salt. Finished with 150mg of cannabinoids, DUNK ZERO is a restorative bath product with an eco-conscience.

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The Zen of Running

If you’ve ever imagined yourself really embracing a back-to-earth lifestyle while still logging miles, then Fred Rohé’s contemplative running book from 1974 will be your guide.

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10 Independent Sports Magazines to Check Out Now

By Nicole Campoy Jackson

In recent years, we’ve seen a boom in athletic aesthetics, with small, independent sport-focused publications growing both in readership and in number. Where once Victory Journal held the niche, it now has company. These ambitious magazines bridge the gap between extraordinary professionals, fans, and the everyday athlete. More than that, they elevate what’s on offer far beyond box scores and memorabilia. Some are focused on sports as they connect with music, photography, and culture at large. Some are focused on a single pursuit, diving deep into the people and places of tennis, golf, and skateboarding. All clearly have design sensibilities more esoteric than those of Sports Illustrated. So, get ready to make some room on your coffee table, here are 10 titles that we’re currently spending time with.

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One Ball to Reach Them All

To solve the problem of access, decay, and air supply for soccer balls making their way to children in impoverished communities across the globe, Japanese design studio nendo has created a flat-pack, DIY non-inflatable soccer ball that replicates the same kicking sensation and bounce as a normal ball. Constructed out of 54 pieces that fit together like a puzzle, the ball relies on internal air pressure to stay playable, eliminating the need to have an air pump handy… because what kid ever does?

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Victory Lap

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artwork by David Shrigley

Now Offering Same-Day Delivery in LA

We’ve all been there. Lying in bed, TOO SORE TO MOVE. Lucky for Los Angeles, we’re now offering same day delivery for those hustlers who need the healing powers of WeedSport, fast. The cutoff time for same-day delivery is 3pm PST, so be sure to get your order in before then!

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