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Exercise for the Body, and the Brain

Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki discusses the mood and memory-boosting effects of working out on the brain, and how 30 minutes of aerobic activity (3-4 times per week) will protect your brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Grow Yer Own

With hemp legal in all 50 states*, and those with a little outdoor space searching for something to do now that it’s warming up, this Summer should see a boom in casual home grows. After a few years of giving starter plants and cultivation tips to friends and neighbors, and at the request of those same kind folks, I’ve written out the basics to be able to Grow Yer Own at Home. This is by no means a definitive guide, just some easy steps and hand-holding for the beginner.

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The Diamond King: An Interview with artist Dick Perez

For anyone that has ever collected baseball cards, Dick Perez’s artwork is immediately identifiable. Distinguished with classic portraiture accompanied by bold graphics, Perez is the artist behind Donruss’s Diamond Kings and prior to that, the man who brought art back to baseball cards with his set for the Hall of Fame. Now 80 years old and living in NYC, Dick is working on a supplement to his 560-page career-spanning book The Immortals: An Art Collection of Baseball’s Best. We caught up with him earlier this month to talk about his life in art, baseball, and his love of tennis.

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The Robe to Recovery

Let’s be honest, we’re in one of these times that wearing a robe all day does not seem out of the question. After an extended morning session, or hours of training—working, whatever—in the afternoon, the comfort and ease that a robe brings to life is undeniable. With those attributes in mind, we compiled some of our favorites to keep you wrapped up until we’re out of this mess.

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Desert Daze

Situated in the center of the Anza-Borrego Desert, The Courts at Anza-Borrego is a unique sports venue with its own special magic. For experts and novices alike, to play tennis there is a dream. During their Pre-COVID, inaugural Low Desert Open tennis tournament, Weed Sport had the honor to host our signature Recovery Zone to help the players wind down between matches and give the spectators some extra relaxing vibes throughout the afternoon. Accompanied by great music and even better tennis, the Low Desert Open was a grand success. Looking back, we can only hope to achieve that level of intimacy again in a crowd full of like-minded strangers.

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Victory Lap

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Sport Sounds 1: Stephen Christian

The premiere edition of Sport Sounds is brought to us by Stephen Christian, Creative Director of Warp Records. Based in London, SMC spends his time drinking coffee, buying records, and occasionally doing yoga.


Despot, Rapper, Brooklyn, NY

Luckily, my path to becoming a beefcake began at home with a television and a bunch of dumbbells, so this crisis has prompted a return to form. Despite now being a hulking mass of man and needing very heavy weights in order to feel alive, a little ingenuity and improvisation have taken me a long way with my meager dumbbells and medicine balls. I have a friend who is otherwise isolated and comes over once a day to pump in my luxurious private gym. The workouts take considerably longer than they did in a gym due to the puniness of the weights, but I don’t have that much else to do so it’s almost a plus. I try to layout on the roof hammock for a few hours a day and read to remember what it feels like outdoors. It has also been very helpful to remind myself that I died a long time ago and you are all actors playing an elaborate and completely see-through trick on me.


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Golfing Alone in San Francisco

By Arlo Crawford

Solitary confinement is a punishment for many but a pleasure for a few. Evolution has prepared us for all kinds of threats—the fastest runner escapes the tiger, the sharpest eyes spot the snake—but the threat of pandemic is different. In a world of social creatures, it’s those who thrive alone who may outlive us all.

For years, I’ve gotten up before dawn to play at Lincoln Park Golf Course, primarily because I prefer to play alone. Golf is the sport that’s closest to my favorite activity—sitting quietly. It’s a solitary pursuit even in a foursome and you keep your own score, for better or worse. A golfer’s primary opponent is the landscape, but ultimately they fight the imperfect, frightened person who lives in their own skin.


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Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

This may be your one true chance to start AND FINISH David Foster Wallace’s magnum opus. Tennis, entertainment, and family dynamics packed into 1079 pages. There’s also a 56-hour audiobook if you’re keen to listen.

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