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WeedSport CBD Muscle Stick Takes 1st Place at The Emerald Cup

Over the weekend, WeedSport won 1st Place at The Emerald Cup for our new WeedSport CBD Muscle Stick. In its 18th year, the prestigious award show took place at the famous Montalbán Theater in Hollywood, CA and featured over 400 brands. It is a huge honor to have the judges and OG heads give us a blessing like this, and it feels great to get acknowledged for our work with the cannabis plant. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way and look out for more plant magic in the years to come.

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Mind Over Matter

Four secrets from sports psychology you can use in everyday life.

IKEA Beach

Despite being the most island nation in the world, Sweden is not exactly known for its surf breaks. Yet KÅSEBERGA, the new collaboration between IKEA and the World Surf League, is named after the southernmost swells in the country. The line of ocean-inspired home goods and surf essentials mix IKEA’s consistent design aesthetic with the eco-sensibilities of surf culture. Featuring a range of items from hand boards to coffee tables to pegboards, the limited edition collection is an easy way to add some beach house to your home.

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Diego Maradona and the Hand of God

In the modern age of technology-driven umpiring, Diego Maradona’s infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal would have never happened. Big Brother and its V.A.R., would have multiple angles in super-high definition to look at the unquestionable handball and coldly make a decision. Direct free kick, England. Fortunately, Maradona’s goal lives on in history because it happened back in 1986 when you could count on humor error to keep things interesting. Robot referees were still part of science fiction, and there was a dreaminess to sports that existed in its limited, low-definition replay and reporting.

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Strength of the Volley

There are few sports left that are undeniably popular yet underrepresented in the media realm. One of these is volleyball, a recurring subject in the work of California-based artist Jansson Stegner. Expressive and exaggerated, Stegner paints power into the players he portrays. Whether represented on court or in the locker room, these volleyballers with their elongated torsos, strong limbs, and confident gazes are ready to leap off the canvas and spike on you. It is with these playful works that Stegner delivers an ace for the art world.

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Spring/Summer Gear Guide 2022

Spring has a tendency to turn into Summer real quick. Since some of the best activity happens outdoors, we’ve gathered our favorite items to help you take advantage of the warm days ahead.

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Victory Lap

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An Oasis in the Desert: Borrego Palm Canyon Trail

One of our favorite hikes is the Borrego Palm Canyon trail in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. In an environment that is hot, rocky, and with little shade, you would never think that just a mile and half away from the trailhead was a lush Palm Oasis with a waterfall. Along the way, there’s a chance that you’ll see endangered Big Horn Sheep tiptoeing up the canyon walls. The hike is a fairly easy one, but be sure to equip yourself with a lot of water and sun protection. It is the desert after all, and there is no real escape from the heat. You’ll find some relief when you reach the flowing water about a mile in. It’s tough to resist a quick foot soak in this rare waterway. But be sure to keep going! At the end is a grove of California’s only native palm, the California fan palm. And with those trees comes a little well-deserved shade.

The Borrego Palm Canyon trail will take you about 2 hours to hike and is a total of 3 miles in and out.

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