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Motivational Aesthetics

As a culture, for generations, we’ve been presented with signs full of messages and slogans for inspiration. From ads on billboards to office walls, there has always been a motive to sell a better self. Between 1923 and 1929, Mather & Co. of Chicago created and distributed some of the first employee-motivational posters to companies across the United States. These eye-catching pieces of art glamorized discipline and gave workers the incentive to stay the course to achieve success. Over 350 posters were made over the course of the run, with many of them relaying values through the narrative of sports. Here we feature some of our favorites that help guide our own principles.

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Introducing the Core Collection

As a family business, we started Weed Sport with the goal to always be equitable, fair, accessible, and above all, inclusive. We knew that we wanted to develop a brand that stood for living boldly and unapologetically, and if you aligned with Weed Sport you were forward-thinking and unafraid of being different. Our reward for this mindset is high-quality products at accessible prices. But that’s not enough, we must give back to the communities that give so much to us, and invest in the future world that we want to live and operate in. We did not start Weed Sport to be a small business forever but are blessed to be small at a moment when we can map out what we want our company to be and where we want it to go. The cannabis and sports industries have been built on the backs of the Black and Brown communities, and we will make it our mission as Weed Sport grows to reflect that diversity through our brand visuals, our hiring practices, and the company culture that we build. A world-class athlete does not become one overnight, and we know that it will take a sustained, focused effort to realize these goals.

Our first step in giving back is through our Core Collection, a selection of limited edition black Weed Sport apparel with 100% of the proceeds donated to causes that fight for racial equity, social justice, and education.

All proceeds from this release will be donated to Black Futures Lab. We believe that the best way towards change is at the voting booth and investing in policies that benefit black communities, and we support Black Futures Lab’s mission to transform Black communities by building Black political power. This is only the beginning and the future is all of ours to create together. Learn more here.

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A Message From the Founders

Racism in all forms must be eliminated. If you’re reading this, we hope you know and understand that by now. We say “level the playing field” because we must treat each other equally and value every individual’s life the same. Same clock, same whistle, same team.

We stand tall with all those who seek justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and every single victim of police brutality and oppression. The time is now, and change must be made today. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

–Mikey & Dave

Exercise for the Body, and the Brain

Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki discusses the mood and memory-boosting effects of working out on the brain, and how 30 minutes of aerobic activity (3-4 times per week) will protect your brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Grow Yer Own

With hemp legal in all 50 states*, and those with a little outdoor space searching for something to do now that it’s warming up, this Summer should see a boom in casual home grows. After a few years of giving starter plants and cultivation tips to friends and neighbors, and at the request of those same kind folks, I’ve written out the basics to be able to Grow Yer Own at Home. This is by no means a definitive guide, just some easy steps and hand-holding for the beginner.

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The Diamond King: An Interview with artist Dick Perez

For anyone that has ever collected baseball cards, Dick Perez’s artwork is immediately identifiable. Distinguished with classic portraiture accompanied by bold graphics, Perez is the artist behind Donruss’s Diamond Kings and prior to that, the man who brought art back to baseball cards with his set for the Hall of Fame. Now 80 years old and living in NYC, Dick is working on a supplement to his 560-page career-spanning book The Immortals: An Art Collection of Baseball’s Best. We caught up with him earlier this month to talk about his life in art, baseball, and his love of tennis.

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The Robe to Recovery

Let’s be honest, we’re in one of these times that wearing a robe all day does not seem out of the question. After an extended morning session, or hours of training—working, whatever—in the afternoon, the comfort and ease that a robe brings to life is undeniable. With those attributes in mind, we compiled some of our favorites to keep you wrapped up until we’re out of this mess.

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Desert Daze

Situated in the center of the Anza-Borrego Desert, The Courts at Anza-Borrego is a unique sports venue with its own special magic. For experts and novices alike, to play tennis there is a dream. During their Pre-COVID, inaugural Low Desert Open tennis tournament, Weed Sport had the honor to host our signature Recovery Zone to help the players wind down between matches and give the spectators some extra relaxing vibes throughout the afternoon. Accompanied by great music and even better tennis, the Low Desert Open was a grand success. Looking back, we can only hope to achieve that level of intimacy again in a crowd full of like-minded strangers.

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Victory Lap

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Sport Sounds 1: Stephen Christian

The premiere edition of Sport Sounds is brought to us by Stephen Christian, Creative Director of Warp Records. Based in London, SMC spends his time drinking coffee, buying records, and occasionally doing yoga.

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