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Introducing the Core Collection

As a family business, we started Weed Sport with the goal to always be equitable, fair, accessible, and above all, inclusive. We knew that we wanted to develop a brand that stood for living boldly and unapologetically, and if you aligned with Weed Sport you were forward-thinking and unafraid of being different. Our reward for this mindset is high-quality products at accessible prices. But that’s not enough, we must give back to the communities that give so much to us, and invest in the future world that we want to live and operate in. We did not start Weed Sport to be a small business forever but are blessed to be small at a moment when we can map out what we want our company to be and where we want it to go. The cannabis and sports industries have been built on the backs of the Black and Brown communities, and we will make it our mission as Weed Sport grows to reflect that diversity through our brand visuals, our hiring practices, and the company culture that we build. A world-class athlete does not become one overnight, and we know that it will take a sustained, focused effort to realize these goals.

Our first step in giving back is through our Core Collection, a selection of limited edition black Weed Sport apparel with 100% of the proceeds donated to causes that fight for racial equity, social justice, and education.

All proceeds from this release will be donated to Black Futures Lab. We believe that the best way towards change is at the voting booth and investing in policies that benefit black communities, and we support Black Futures Lab’s mission to transform Black communities by building Black political power. This is only the beginning and the future is all of ours to create together. Learn more here.

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