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Hiking With Giants in the Sequoias

There is truly nothing better than roaming out in nature, and when that spot is at 6000 ft above sea level under the canopy of giants, it’s outstanding. The WeedSport crew recently took a trip out to the Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park to take in the splendor of some of the Earth’s largest and longest-living trees. Equipped with full daypacks, good shoes, great hats, and obviously some WeedSport CBD products, we took a 10-mile trek through one of the most magical places on earth.

The benefits of WeedSport CBD Muscle Rub became apparent a few miles into the hike when the added weight of the pack set in. We used the WeedSport CBD Muscle Rub on our lower backs to help reinvigorate the tiring muscles and on our shoulders to ease the stress points of the bag straps. After the pit-stop it was smooth trekking under the Sequoias until we got a bit off trail and encountered a couple of curious bear cubs that seemed to just pop out of a bush. Knowing that mama bear had to be close, and not knowing where we were, we booked it. A situation like this is understandably pretty freaky and exhilarating, but we kept our cool, and had some calm energy due to the WeedSport CBGO Hemp oil we had taken during a brief snack break on the trail. The combination of CBGO’s CBDa and CBG cannabinoids produces an uplifting sensation, and the CBD helps to provide the relaxed balance. On semi-high alert, we connected back with a trail that lead us to where we needed to go and got us moving in the right direction. To be in the woods with no one around and no cell phone waves is an experience that we need to grant ourselves as much as possible. Being able to disconnect with society and connect with yourself is raw and healing, and will help your mental state no matter where it is. If you’re able to make it up to Sequoia National Park to hike, do it. This forest is a one-of-a-kind experience.

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