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Championship Reading Material

With America’s Tennis Tournament in full swing, we’ve compiled the best articles to keep you cool during any conversation.

Weed at the U.S. Open? Some Players Swear They Can Smell It

Why all the bagel talk at the US Open? Here’s why they use ‘bagels’ to keep score in tennis

How the U.S. Open Dials In Its Court Speed

American Tennis Has Never Been Hotter

This Year’s U.S. Open Belongs to Coco Gauff, Win or Lose

Aryna Sabalenka, the World’s New Number One, on Tennis, Tequila Shots, and ‘Not Letting Your Feelings Destroy You’

Don’t Forget Meddy

Novak Djokovic: how a kid from war-torn Belgrade beat the odds

Ben Shelton: The Pros and (C)ons of Going Pro

The Real-Life Diet of Francis Tiafoe

The Most Famous Woman in Men’s Tennis

US Open tennis balls serving up controversy, and perhaps, players’ injuries

Tennis ball wasteland? Game grapples with a fuzzy yellow recycling problem

The Saudi Quandary: Tennis Is Unlikely to Resist the Kingdom’s Involvement in the Sport. But it should.

How Iga Swiatek, Tennis’s Most Supersonic Star, Stays Grounded

I Went To the U.S. Open for the 1st time. Here Is What You Gotta Know

Andy Roddick’s Open Era


How Far Will Tennis’s Carlos Alcaraz Go?

The Science of Stretching

For the recreational athlete, stretching is something that is often overlooked or taken for granted. Even though we would love it to, a quick 30-second repertoire of contortions really doesn’t cut it. In this video, we learn about the benefits of stretching, what it actually does to our muscles, and how we can all improve our own flexibility.

Old School Coach’s Wisdom

Legendary UCLA coach John Wooden waxes on his career, his definition of success, the rules he had for players, and the importance of patience.

A World Cup of Visuals

Joan Miro’s official poster for the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain is sports advertising at its highest level. Unique to previous World Cups, original posters for the 1982 Cup were commissioned for each host city across Spain. With a range of artists from Miro to Tapies, the hits keep coming in this World Cup of visuals. Here, some of our favorites.

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The Miracle of Exercise

These scans compare the thigh muscle density of a 40 year-old triathlete, a 70 year-old sedentary man, and a 70 year-old triathlete. It’s crazy what the body is capable of when treated properly.

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