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Moodboard: Analog Sports Graphics

Sport graphics and design have always played a heavy part in the character of WeedSport. Recently, we’ve been inspired by this 1981 showcase reel from Image West, a now-defunct LA creative studio that was crushing it with scanimation 40 years ago. Highlighting a range of sports graphics from the analog age, these are as avant-garde now as they were then.

Hydration for the Heads: Mister Green’s Bong Water

Unless your algorithm has been steering you in the wrong directions, you’ve seen the bong water Nalgene. Maybe even bought it. Effective messaging in a simple bold serif, with multiple colors to choose from, this water bottle has hydrated heads across the globe. The brainchild of Ariel Stark-Benz under his Mister Green brand, Bong Water’s ubiquity is a nod to Mister Green’s foresight and a feather in the cap for the burgeoning cannabis scene. Instead of talking with Ariel about all the other great things that he creates, we texted back and forth for an interview specifically about the water bottle. What follows is exactly that.

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One Ball to Reach Them All

To solve the problem of access, decay, and air supply for soccer balls making their way to children in impoverished communities across the globe, Japanese design studio nendo has created a flat-pack, DIY non-inflatable soccer ball that replicates the same kicking sensation and bounce as a normal ball. Constructed out of 54 pieces that fit together like a puzzle, the ball relies on internal air pressure to stay playable, eliminating the need to have an air pump handy… because what kid ever does?

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