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Despot, Rapper, Brooklyn, NY

Luckily, my path to becoming a beefcake began at home with a television and a bunch of dumbbells, so this crisis has prompted a return to form. Despite now being a hulking mass of man and needing very heavy weights in order to feel alive, a little ingenuity and improvisation have taken me a long way with my meager dumbbells and medicine balls. I have a friend who is otherwise isolated and comes over once a day to pump in my luxurious private gym. The workouts take considerably longer than they did in a gym due to the puniness of the weights, but I don’t have that much else to do so it’s almost a plus. I try to layout on the roof hammock for a few hours a day and read to remember what it feels like outdoors. It has also been very helpful to remind myself that I died a long time ago and you are all actors playing an elaborate and completely see-through trick on me.


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