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Water Hazard Heaven

If watching golf is your life and you have no problem moving to Illinois, this 6 bedroom 3 bathroom house should be on your viewing list. It’s not really the house you’re buying though, it’s the perfect backyard replica of the “Island Green”, the famed 17th hole at the TPC Sawgrass. Take in the view with your morning coffee or evening beverage, and perfect your approach over the moat any time you feel like it.  ($560,000)

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Golfing Alone in San Francisco

By Arlo Crawford

Solitary confinement is a punishment for many but a pleasure for a few. Evolution has prepared us for all kinds of threats—the fastest runner escapes the tiger, the sharpest eyes spot the snake—but the threat of pandemic is different. In a world of social creatures, it’s those who thrive alone who may outlive us all.

For years, I’ve gotten up before dawn to play at Lincoln Park Golf Course, primarily because I prefer to play alone. Golf is the sport that’s closest to my favorite activity—sitting quietly. It’s a solitary pursuit even in a foursome and you keep your own score, for better or worse. A golfer’s primary opponent is the landscape, but ultimately they fight the imperfect, frightened person who lives in their own skin.


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