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The Miracle of Exercise

These scans compare the thigh muscle density of a 40 year-old triathlete, a 70 year-old sedentary man, and a 70 year-old triathlete. It’s crazy what the body is capable of when treated properly.

IKEA Beach

Despite being the most island nation in the world, Sweden is not exactly known for its surf breaks. Yet KÅSEBERGA, the new collaboration between IKEA and the World Surf League, is named after the southernmost swells in the country. The line of ocean-inspired home goods and surf essentials mix IKEA’s consistent design aesthetic with the eco-sensibilities of surf culture. Featuring a range of items from hand boards to coffee tables to pegboards, the limited edition collection is an easy way to add some beach house to your home.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Without a doubt the strangest holiday season of this Century, 2020 has been something else, and everybody reading this deserves a medal… or at least a nice gift. Here are the top items on our list this year.

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Grow Yer Own

With hemp legal in all 50 states*, and those with a little outdoor space searching for something to do now that it’s warming up, this Summer should see a boom in casual home grows. After a few years of giving starter plants and cultivation tips to friends and neighbors, and at the request of those same kind folks, I’ve written out the basics to be able to Grow Yer Own at Home. This is by no means a definitive guide, just some easy steps and hand-holding for the beginner.

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The Robe to Recovery

Let’s be honest, we’re in one of these times that wearing a robe all day does not seem out of the question. After an extended morning session, or hours of training—working, whatever—in the afternoon, the comfort and ease that a robe brings to life is undeniable. With those attributes in mind, we compiled some of our favorites to keep you wrapped up until we’re out of this mess.

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