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Run For Our Rights

In 2016, Julian Assange gave Ai Weiwei a treadmill that he had used while taking refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Now, Ai Weiwei has turned the stationary exercise machine into a call for action to defend the freedom of the press and human rights in a social media campaign, Run For Our Rights. For the movement, the artist is asking supporters to post videos of themselves on a treadmill—or even running in place—to their social channels with the hashtag #RunForOurRights, to bring awareness to the cause. When asked about why he chose a treadmill, Weiwei stated “because it represented an inability to move forward, even when running.”

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The Long Distance Mindset

For around two millions years, humans have been running. While the reasons may have changed—we are no longer really chasing our food or delivering messages—the mental toughness to keep us moving has not. With thousands of runners achieving their top shape, and gearing up on both coasts for the run of their lives, we were curious about what it takes mentally to complete a marathon. We reached out to a few our favorite coaches and athletes for some tips to help runners power through a long distance run.

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The Zen of Running

If you’ve ever imagined yourself really embracing a back-to-earth lifestyle while still logging miles, then Fred Rohé’s contemplative running book from 1974 will be your guide.

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RUNNER (1962)

Led by the wise words of poet W.H. Auden, this short documentary directed by Don Owen profiles 19-year old Canadian long-distance runner Bruce Kidd. Featuring a smooth soundtrack and picturesque camerawork, RUNNER (1962) is a fun look back at athletics before all the supplements.


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