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Mind Over Matter

Four secrets from sports psychology you can use in everyday life.

Moodboard: Analog Sports Graphics

Sport graphics and design have always played a heavy part in the character of WeedSport. Recently, we’ve been inspired by this 1981 showcase reel from Image West, a now-defunct LA creative studio that was crushing it with scanimation 40 years ago. Highlighting a range of sports graphics from the analog age, these are as avant-garde now as they were then.

Run For Our Rights

In 2016, Julian Assange gave Ai Weiwei a treadmill that he had used while taking refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Now, Ai Weiwei has turned the stationary exercise machine into a call for action to defend the freedom of the press and human rights in a social media campaign, Run For Our Rights. For the movement, the artist is asking supporters to post videos of themselves on a treadmill—or even running in place—to their social channels with the hashtag #RunForOurRights, to bring awareness to the cause. When asked about why he chose a treadmill, Weiwei stated “because it represented an inability to move forward, even when running.”

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Muhammad Ali Goes to Mars

In a 1966 interview, Muhammad Ali riffs about fighting on Mars, traveling through time, and explains how big talk and boasting got him a shot at a title fight faster than other challengers.

The King’s Castle of Iron

In 1976, Santos “Frenchie” Ramos opened a gym in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Every day of his life from that point forward was dedicated to that gym and to his members. In the gym’s 43-year history, Frenchie only missed two weeks of work; now that’s dedication. Frenchie was a beloved member of his community and will forever be remembered. For those who did not have the pleasure of knowing him, this is his story.

A film by Mark Cersosimo & Aissa Claveria

MVP Wisdom

Giannis masters a mindful approach to the game: “I focus on the present, that’s humility”

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