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The Science of Stretching

For the recreational athlete, stretching is something that is often overlooked or taken for granted. Even though we would love it to, a quick 30-second repertoire of contortions really doesn’t cut it. In this video, we learn about the benefits of stretching, what it actually does to our muscles, and how we can all improve our own flexibility.

Old School Coach’s Wisdom

Legendary UCLA coach John Wooden waxes on his career, his definition of success, the rules he had for players, and the importance of patience.

The Skills to Pay The Bills

Ichiro shows off his arm and throwing accuracy in this series of commercials for a Japanese Energy Tonic.

Lacrosse: The Creator’s Game

Without a doubt the oldest sport in North America, the roots of Lacrosse go back to at least the 17th century—and probably way beyond that. Originally a tribal game that would last from sun up to sun down, it was referred to as the “little brother of war.” This sleepy documentary explores the Native American origins of Lacrosse.

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Mind Over Matter

Four secrets from sports psychology you can use in everyday life.

Moodboard: Analog Sports Graphics

Sport graphics and design have always played a heavy part in the character of WeedSport. Recently, we’ve been inspired by this 1981 showcase reel from Image West, a now-defunct LA creative studio that was crushing it with scanimation 40 years ago. Highlighting a range of sports graphics from the analog age, these are as avant-garde now as they were then.

Run For Our Rights

In 2016, Julian Assange gave Ai Weiwei a treadmill that he had used while taking refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Now, Ai Weiwei has turned the stationary exercise machine into a call for action to defend the freedom of the press and human rights in a social media campaign, Run For Our Rights. For the movement, the artist is asking supporters to post videos of themselves on a treadmill—or even running in place—to their social channels with the hashtag #RunForOurRights, to bring awareness to the cause. When asked about why he chose a treadmill, Weiwei stated “because it represented an inability to move forward, even when running.”

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Muhammad Ali Goes to Mars

In a 1966 interview, Muhammad Ali riffs about fighting on Mars, traveling through time, and explains how big talk and boasting got him a shot at a title fight faster than other challengers.

The King’s Castle of Iron

In 1976, Santos “Frenchie” Ramos opened a gym in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Every day of his life from that point forward was dedicated to that gym and to his members. In the gym’s 43-year history, Frenchie only missed two weeks of work; now that’s dedication. Frenchie was a beloved member of his community and will forever be remembered. For those who did not have the pleasure of knowing him, this is his story.

A film by Mark Cersosimo & Aissa Claveria

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